PMW Live


PMW Live Artist Management and Artist Branding:

PMW Live is a music production company and a platform for undiscovered talent to get the recognition they deserve. We increase artist exposure by providing a NON Exclusive Management deal for singers. This management deal lasts for a six(6) month period, where we focus on the artist as an individual and launch the artists career. The management deal involves the following aspects:

EP Recording:
Based on each individual artists vision, consultation and direction, we work on an entire EP (consisting of 4-6 songs) with our artist. We place our artist with top song writers and have them collaborate together in creating music that has the potential of being successful and dynamic.

Photo Shoot:
We do a comprehensive professional photo shoot for our artist. These pictures are used for our promotions for the artist, the artist’s album covers, press release and more.

Music Video Recording:
Our music video directors and video producers film 2 high quality music videos from the songs created off the artist’s EP. Each music video consists of an entire 1-2 days of filming where we provide locations, makeup artists, stylist, extras, props, food and everything that is needed on set.

Press Release and PR Campaign:
We launch a comprehensive PR campaign and press release for our artist. We use both the traditional and non-traditional ways to promote our artists EP and music videos to various media outlets, magazines, online networks, local networks, national/international news outlets and radio.

Social Media Networking and Artist Branding:
We create, promote and manage all aspects of social media for our artist. Each artist will have their own personalized website, custom Twitter, YouTube channel and Facebook page. We provide over 10K-40K followers each month on Twitter and over 50K-100K views on their own custom built YouTube channel. We also build, promote and manage our artist’s website.

Video and Song Placements with Various Labels Around the World/Television Shows/Movies:
During our artists 6 month management deal, we submit the artist to various record labels and we also place our artist songs with publishers and music supervisors for movies, TV shows and more.

Performances and Concerts:
We provide an avenue during the 6 month management deal for the artist to perform at various events, open acts, school tours and more.

Song and Music Video Production:

We specialize in filming high quality music videos from start to post production to finish. Our music video directors spend time with the artist in creating a perfect concept and video treatment based on the artist’s song. We look at different variables from the artist’s vision, charisma, personality, character and experience. We work with labels, independent artists, companies etc.