PMW Live

*Song and Music Video Project*

Due to all of our viral success over the years with various artists,celebrities and networks, we have established a unique platform, where we work with the artist in creating the following:

*Hit Song*

We collaborate with the artist and pair you up with one of our top songwriters and producers in the US, to write and create a song that will showcase your style, as well as appeal to the entire world.


*Image Consultation*

In today’s music world, you have to have a cool and unique look to stand out from all the other singers out there. We pair you up with one of our fashion/image consultants, where they go over your image and work on creating a brand new, unique look with you.


*Photo Shoot*

We pair you up with one of our top photographers, taking various shots which will be used for promotions, covers and your social media networks.

*Music Video Shoot*

In order to showcase your song in today’s music world, you need the song to have a great visual. Our music video production team is made up of highly acclaimed, award winning directors. They are very creative and have an eye for detail, as well as story telling. They will work with you to showcase various elements which includes a unique, comprehensive story line, dancing ability if choreography in needed, edginess, dramatic movie looks, etc. We fly our video production team and directors out to you, where you will work hand in hand with them, devising the music video treatment/story-line, casting actors/extras/dancers if needed, and scouting appropriate locations that will match each scene. The music video is then filmed, which can take 1-2 days, based on the length of the script and extent of the video.

*Music Consultation with A&R Legend, Don Grierson*

 After all the materials are created, you will be having a meeting with our music consultant, Don Grierson. Don Grierson is a legendary, internationally acclaimed A&R executive, who has worked with many of the most notable artists like: Celine Dion, Cheap Trick, Bad English, Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper, The Jacksons and Living Colour. Don will be spending time with you and going over the material that has been created before the major launch.

*Promotions and Video Launch*

 We are known for creating and launching numerous viral projects, which have accumulated over a billion views worldwide and also ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo and YouTube. Our songs and videos have also hit various worldwide charts. Our promotional team utilizes a unique strategy in promoting your video. Using our video marketing platform, you can be seen on various online outlets like Buzz Feed, Mashable, Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, Hollywood Gossip etc. and on various networks like CNN, ABC, MTV NEWS, VH1, BBC and more. As of 2015 our reach has expanded to Asia, featuring our artists on major TV channels in China and South Korea.


*Record Label/Music Management Placement*

After all the materials are created, launched and promoted, we submit it to several record labels, as well as music management. We match you with a record label that focuses on your specific genre, with respect to your vision and creativity.

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