PMW Live

We provide the following services for artists, companies, individuals etc.

Song and Music Video Production Package:

We Specialize in creating a full package that comprises of producing and recording a song, filming a music video, comprehensive photo-shoot, promotions and viral campaign on the vinal product and submissions to music managers around the world. The artist spends time collaborating with our team of song writers, music video directors and photographer to accomplish a masterpiece product. After which this final product is released on various platforms and may have the chance to go viral or be seen by one of our major contacts.

Music Videos:

We work hand in hand with the artist to realize their vision & overall objective. This helps us create great concepts that turn into dynamic creations, well above industry standards. Whether you are an independent artist or a record label, we will bring your vision to life.


We work with various companies to produce high quality, state of the art commercials for TV, Internet, radio and more. We believe commercials should be creative, as well as convey messages that truly target your audience.

Reality TV and Short Films:

Our team is fully prepared and equipped, to go from creating story boards, to well produced short films or reality TV. Whether it’s an episodic long series with dramatic elements to it for major TV broadcast, or just an online web series, we’ve got it covered.

Promotions and Viral Presence:

We are known for creating and launching numerous viral projects, which have accumulated millions of views and also ranked #1 on Google, Yahoo and YouTube. Our songs and videos have also hit various worldwide charts. Our promotional team will ensure that whether it’s a music video, commercial or online web series, we will make you stand out, using the strategic viral campaign methods we have.

Please click the contact tab to fill out the form. After we have received your information, one of our team members will be contacting you to set up an initial face to face or phone consultation with our producers. During the consultation our producers will be gathering information about your project, as well as the overall objective, which will help us customize your project, by catering it to your vision. We work together to create a masterpiece.

Prices will vary due to your desired project/video. A rate will be determined after discussing the details of your specific project.